The World of Saunas

It has always been synonymous with passion and hospitality

The World of Saunas has been dedicated to well-being and complete peace and tranquillity…to make you feel at home!

In the World of Saunas steam will surround you with a pleasant feeling of relaxation. 

The humidity in some type of saunas will help your organism eliminate all the toxins accumulated for various reasons, such as stress and pollution.

Your body will be purified and your mind will become serene.

Our experts have come up with the ideal way to help you reach the best possible sense of well being, by following an itinerary: first of all Turkish bath, then a biosauna and finally a Finnish sauna .

The Turkish bath is good for the respiratory system and for the whole organism: the effect of the steam brings warmth which allows accumulated toxins to be eliminated through sweating, thus purifying the skin. Thanks to the pores dilating the skin then deep cleanses itself and does so deeply…toxins and toxic substances are eliminated and your skin will become healthy and glowing!

Take a warm shower, dry up nicely, go into the tub for 10-12 minutes, come out and move about a little, take a cool shower and rest in the relaxation area.

Continue with the Biosauna (65 degrees, humidity: 10-15%) which has been proved to have beneficial and relaxing effects on the body, even bringing benefits to the cardiovascular system. This is stimulated by hot and cold which causes dilation and narrowing of the blood vessels, making them elastic. All this causes the organism to become more resistant to the daily changes in temperatures and the relative discomfort. 

Take a warm shower, dry up nicely, stay in the sauna for 15-20 minutes, go out and move around, take a cool shower and rest or have a nice massage. 

Conclude with the Finnish sauna (90-110 degrees, humidity: max 15%), after which you will feel your muscles totally relaxed; this sauna improves your skin and makes it younger, opening up the pores. The sauna reinforces even the immune system, in that bacteria die at high temperatures…and let’s not forget that saunas are relaxing since endorphins are released, chemical substances which bring a sense of wellbeing to your brain!

Take a warm shower, stay in the sauna for 8-12 minutes and rest in the relaxation area. This treatment is not recommended for people who have heart conditions, bad circulation, high blood pressure, neurological problems or venous disorders; if in doubt you can ask our experts who will be glad to help you choose what is best suited to your needs! 

 Access to the World of Saunas is forbidden to children under14 years of age!

The Fior di Loto wellness centre is open during the afternoon from 4pm to 7.30pm.