Our Story

Has always been the equivalent of passion and hospitality.

A continuing story since the 20th century

The history of the Ravelli Hotel has distant roots when at the beginning of the 20th century Alfredo I opened a little restaurant.  We have seen tourism in Val di Sole grow over the years and our business has always maintained its values and family traditions.

From a small restaurant we have expanded into our 3 present buildings: Sporting Hotel, Palace Ravelli and Lovely Lodge. 

“Our long history has allowed us to get to know the requirements of our clients and to greet them year after year with services and attention distinguishing us from everyone else”

  • The history of Ravelli Palace Hotel

    At the beginning of the 20th century, nonno Alfredo bought a farmhouse with a stable and transformed it into a restaurant with a few rooms to let. In those years in Val di Sole tourism had not yet developed and business was based mainly on catering for commercial travellers passing through the valley for work. 

    Obviously just catering was not enough to survive, so nonno Alfredo I decided to start farming and rearing livestock such as pigs, horses and cows.

    Next to the restaurant other commercial activities (a food shop and a sewing shop) were opened.

    In 1951 Alfredo I died and nonna Caterina continued looking after the business, but not without mishaps and sacrifices, especially since she was left alone to look after four children (Bruno, Rita, Anita and Adriana).

    During the 60’s summer tourism started to develop in the valley with the arrival of a few holiday makers who came above all from the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, and who came to the mountains not only for mountain excursions but also to meet up every year and spend time together (the guests were the same year after year) and play “bocce”, spend evenings playing the piano and going on trips to the nearby towns. The hotel business thus grew and the farming activity was abandoned.

    Throughout these years Bruno, the eldest son, started to manage the hotel together with his mother Caterina and thanks to the increase in tourism, they decided to improve and enlarge the hotel structure. In ’65 Bruno got married to Gina who helped her husband with the business by taking over the kitchen and the housekeeping.

    Thanks to their union Erica, Roberta and Alfredo “II” were born.

  • The Hotel Ravelli Palace becomes a 4* with Wellness Centre.

    In ’96 Alfredo married Cinzia who chose to work with her husband becoming the bookkeeper and managing the “house”. The same year Hotel Ravelli undergoes a very important enlargement which becomes a 4 star hotel in July 1997, the 4 star hotel has a Wellness Centre in the heart of the Dolomites in Trentino South Tyrol. During September of that same year Alessio Ravelli (fourth generation) is born to the great joy of nonna Caterina who sees in him the continuation of the family’s hotel business. 

    Unfortunately though, a terrible loss follows the good news, since Bruno passes away after a short illness and sadly does not see the results of all the sacrifices made to enlarge the hotel. At this point his son Alfredo decides to look after Palace while Cinzia stays and looks after Sporting. Alfredo’s sisters get married and the hotel business stays with Alfredo and Cinzia who, with the help of mamma Gina and the supervision of nonna Caterina continue to carry on with the business.

    As the years go by the business grows remarkably and thanks to the constant effort made by Alfredo who is always travelling around Europe to promote the two hotels, his clientele who used to be local, now becomes international.

    In December 2011, at the age of 98, after dedicating her whole life to work nonna Caterina dies leaving everything in the hands of Alfredo, Cinzia and mamma Gina.

    In the meantime Alessio, in view of his future next to his parents in managing Palace and Sporting, has chosen to study at the Technical Institute of Tourism, and at the same time he manages to follow his skiing passion with great determination, obtaining extraordinary results.

    In conclusion…as you will see for yourselves, for mamma Gina, Alfredo, Cinzia and the young Alessio managing their business is not only work…but a true passion!